Shabbat Rosh Hashana (Gen. 21:1-21:34 & Num. 29:1-29:6)

Rosh Hashana is upon us, made even more special this year because it perfectly coincides with Shabbat. It’s a nice little overlap between beginnings and endings. According to tradition, Rosh Hashana marks the day when God created the first human – which was the 6th day. So this year, Rosh Hashana comes a “day” early, since that first Shabbat was the 7th day of creation.

Because of the ritual, the break from normal routine, along with the abundance of traditions and stories like those, it’s easy (or at least easi-ER) to be more reflective, more introspective both about the year and our own behaviors in general.

SO… limited only by your creativity and the category of food assigned, plan to bring reflective food. For extra bonus points, that food should be “round” in some way. For the entire time between Rosh Hashana and the end of Sukkot, we bake our challahs round to reflect the comfortingly cyclic nature of our lives and the Jewish calendar. Yet another idea to reflect on.