Apples, Honey and sweet sweet data

As should have become obvious after my post about Open Source Judaism, I am a computer geek at heart. Data, results and testing are in my blood as much as comic books, sci-fi movies and AD&D.

So a recent article over at Tablet Magazine caught my fancy by doing some analysis that combines Judaism, food and rigorous testing methodologies.

They did a comparison of Apple and honey combinations just in time for next weeks’ festivities. You can read the article (along with a handy chart!) here. 6 apples were paired with 3 different honeys for 18 (ahem!) ratings. All of this is just in time for the dipping frenzy of Rosh Hashanah.

The winning combinations?

Courtland apples and Basswood honey was the run-away winner, followed by Courtland apples and Buckwheat honey, Pristine apples and Basswood, and Honey crisp apples and Basswood.

Losing comments included gems like “I’m never buying honey in a plastic bear again”, “This tasted like day-old garbage” and “Let’s keep these two separated”.

Read the whole article here.