Shabbat Matot-Masei – 07/18/2009

It’s the end of the book of Numbers, . Rather than focus on the specifics of this portion, we thought we would try to recap the entire experience of Bamidbar in this weeks’ meal. So , limited by the category of food and your bountiful creativity, please bring a dish based on (or as it might be brought by) the character which you have also been assigned. As with all assignments, please be prepared to explain your choice.

Guest1 – Aaron – appetizers
Guest2 – Korach – challah
Guest3 – Miriam – salad
Guest4 – Pinchas – vegetable
Guest5 – Joshua – starch
Guest6 – Moses – main dish
Guest7 – Bilam – fruit
Guest8 – Tzelophachad’s daughters – dessert
Guest9 – Eldad & Midad – you’ll need to fortell what we might need that isn’t listed