Shabbat Chukat-Balak – 07/04/2009

Let’s do the time warp again…

The story of Moses (back in Exodus/Shemot) begins off with a massive leap ahead in time – from the end of the Jacob saga to the time when the Pharaoh “did not know Joseph”.

Now, as we near the end of Moses’ life we hit another leap. This time there is a fast-forward of around 38 years so that we come to the point when most of the tribe of Israel did not know (remember) Egypt. Miriam dies in this portion, Aaron dies right after that. The Israelites cry out for water, which God tells Moses he must now provide. Moses (perhaps lost in anguish) decides to play Babe Ruth instead of “pat the bunny” with the rock.

So this week, limited only by your creativity and the food assigned, please bring something where water is the first ingredient.