Jewish Mommy Meme at HomeShuler

I just discovered (and want to share) the blog HomeShuler (

Recently, Amy posted her “Jewish Mommy Meme” here:
Jewish Mommy Meme

I recommend you hop over, add your own comments and enjoy. Here’s my responses:

1. Challah – home baked or bought?
Home baked, but the dough is done in a bread machine first. I’ve got the recipe posted here:

2. Favorite shabbat meal:
Each week is pot-luck with a bunch of friends and the food theme varies each week as well. Taco Shabbat was pretty entertaining. We have only appetizers and desserts when we start a new book of Torah (beginnings and endings). We keep joking that for the last portion of the Torah we should have ONLY dessert (my wife nixes the idea as FAR too unhealthy). Otherwise it’s hard to pick a favorite.

3. Any creative shabbat rituals?
As mentioned, we invite a bunch of friends, make the evening pot-luck and set a food theme that matches something in the weekly Torah portion.

Also, Shabbat (and Havdallah) are the only two nights we serve dessert. So our kids (now ages 18.14, 9 and 6) REALLY look forward to it.

4. Shul? With or without the kids? (yes, I know some of you are rabbis)
Yes, with kids. One of us goes down to “junior congregation” with the younger ones, the other stays upstairs for a few moments peace. Our shul does a full Musaf so we sometimes switch after the d’var Torah so that the other spouse can have quiet time.

5. Traditionally shomer shabbat? If not, what’s your definition/style?
Not at all. Not shomer, not kosher. Not against it, just not there yet. Like many, we’re trying to figure out how to make it work.

6. Favorite shabbat story/book
“Joseph Who Loved the Sabbath”. Out of print but you can still get old copies on Amazon

7. no seventh question – time to rest.