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VIDEO: Dude, It’s Shabbos

I’ve worked in a lot of different companies, and I’m usually one of the only (if not THE only) Jewish person on the team. And often, my co-workers have questions, which is great. I’m happy to report that everyone I have ever worked for is more respectful than this guy. Equally curious, but much more polite. Still, this is a pretty funny... read more

VIDEO: Chanukah Hip-Hop Graphic Novel

Another tasty video the keep the fire of Chanukah joy burning in your eyes and your... read more

VIDEO: Tonight, Tonight

As we stand on the cusp of the Chanukah season, I have another video offering for you. This one is from Pella:... read more

VIDEO: Light Up the Night

Here’s a video from the FountainHeads to brighten the upcoming Chanukah season. It’s not my favorite so far, but the geek in me can certainly appreciate the “Matrix” theme. And I’m dying to know where they got or created the Hebrew-letter matrix screensaver (at the 9 second mark). Anyway,... read more

Two Bright Musical Lights for Chanukah

Here is the newest release from the Maccabeats, another Chanukah offering, to warm the cold days and brighten the darkening nights. The video is set to¬† a cover of Matisyahu‘s “Miracle”. For what it’s worth, I like Matisyahu’s video message... read more

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