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Scenes from Yom Kippur: Sudden Decompression

In a traditional Yom Kippur service, there are a few basic sections: Shakarit, or the morning service, which runs non-stop from around 8:30am until around 2:00pm (or longer. I heard about services that went until 3:30). Mincha, or the afternoon service, which starts at about 4:30pm or 5:00 and goes until 6:30-ish. Neilah, literally “closing the gate”, or the official end of Yom Kippur, which... read more

Perfect, Good, and Getting Better

I recently posted about my frustrations regarding my Hebrew reading skills, how my shortcomings were thrown into sharp relief because of the group of guys I pray with, and how it frustrated me even as I realized I am improving. In the spirit of this month of forgiveness, I decided that today, I’m going to forgive myself and give myself the room to grow. I recently read a quote by someone (I... read more

On Writing, and On Praying

I received a comment in response to my “Riding Uphill” posts (here and here): “I guess I’m just not someone who prays. It’s probably something you’ve either got or you don’t.” The comment stuck with me because it echoed the thoughts in “On Writing, Not Writing, and the Writing Life” by Kathryne Young (which I had just read, following a link on... read more

Way Better Than Beer

There’s an old Beer commercial that ran in the mid-70’s. I can’t find it in any internet archive, but I remember it very clearly: A young kid walks into a pub and up to the bar. Nervously he asks for a (whatever the brand was) beer. The bartender eyes him for a second and gruffly asks “Got any ID”? The kid hands it over, looking even more nervous. The bartender scrutinizes... read more

One G-d. One Torah. OneShul

Patrick and Michael – the great minds behind IndieYeshiva and PunkTorah – have launched the next step in their ongoing effort to create a cohesive, inclusive online Jewish community – OneShul. In their own words: OneShul is your synagogue, family and friends. No matter who you are or where you are in life’s journey, you are a part of this great Jewish community. We are a global havurah... read more

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