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In Support of Retelling the Story

Here in our cozy homes, secure in the womb of technology and modernity, surrounded by such effortless wealth and comfort that would dazzle King Solomon himself, it becomes difficult for many of us to justify retelling a story of a time so challenging, miserable and incomprehensible as the Exodus from Egypt (or the Shoah, or any extended period of communal strife). “Life is hard enough” we tell... read more

Dear Google: I Expected Better

In addition to being the de-facto search engine, Google clearly enjoys being clever and giving visitors a little extra when they visit. One way they do this is the “Google Doodle” that changes almost every day, reflecting various holidays, events and happenings. In many cases, the Google Doodle is different depending on the country where you are located when you are performing your search.... read more

“Morid Ha-Tal” My Butt!

I have had a problem lately with my davening. It’s definitely a mental block, and it’s definitely MY problem – not any flaw in my environment or the congregation or prayer leaders. I keep thanking God for rain, instead of dew. I’ve written about the (very minor) change in the prayer cycle that occurs after Sukkot and again on the second day of Passover (“Cold, Wet, Rainy and... read more

Eat! Eat!

A NY Times article titled “Eating disorders on rise for Orthodox Jewish girls” caught my eye, and I wanted to offer an opinion on the subject of Jewish food habits in general as well as fasting. Briefly, it goes like this: We cannot – as individuals, as families, and as a community – allow our religious observances to become a form of idol worship itself. That is, to hold the... read more

Ani Po? (I am here?)

“And not with you alone do I seal this covenant and this oath, but with him who is here standing with us this day before G-d and with him who is not here with us this day.” Deuteronomy 29:14 It’s about time that I write about this article, the New York Times piece that lauds the emergence of online Bar Mitzvah studies. A lot of really smart, dedicated, interested (and interesting) people... read more