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Making Demands

Here’s a repost of an item I just wrote for OneShul: There are 4 mitzvot associated with Purim: Hearing the Megillah Eating a festive meal Sharing food with friends (Mishloach manot) Giving tzedakah With regard to tzedakah, it is the ONE time of year when, if someone comes to your door asking for tzedakah, you MAY NOT ask them for their reference (in many communities you usually ask to see their... read more

Waste Not

Image courtesy of Joel Robinson Last night I watched what might be a thought-changing, if not life-changing program: “The Big Waste”, on the Food Network. In it, four of the network’s star chefs explored ways to turn food that would otherwise have been thrown out into a gourmet dinner for 100 people. In the course of the 1-hour special these chefs visited grocery stores, specialty... read more

Longest. Interview. Ever.

Here in the hours before Yom Kippur, I’ll give, as some final thoughts, the words of my oldest daughter. As the family discussed (for her, it is probably the gajillionth time) what Yom Kippur means, and the idea of Teshuvah (repentance) with the framework of Yom Kippur, I pointed out (as I did in “Interview Season“) that this observance is not a time for us to look back. THAT –... read more

Chosen, Choosing, Choices

Over on Open Source Judaism, Aaron has taken a look at the whole “Chosen People” topic, viewed through the lens of Harry Potter (also Chosen, but not quite in the same way). One of his points caught my eye: “We became chosen because God chose us. Nothing more, nothing less.” I take issue with that idea – we weren’t just lucky winners in some galactic lottery. As I said... read more

Too Much, Or Not Enough?

Tragically, a family in my neighborhood lost their house this weekend to fire. Everyone escaped without injury (thank God), but the house and its contents are likely a total loss. The fire probably started because something was left turned-on over Shabbat and caught fire, which spread to the rest of the house. The fire started at 2:00am Saturday morning. The family, exhausted in every conceivable way,... read more

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