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Dwelling in Holiness

This year, I noticed that Torah gives us this awesome counterpoint of time – moments and metaphors spinning around themselves and overlapping. Over the last several weeks, the Torah readings have focused on the building of the Mishkan (Tent of Meeting) – the place which will be home to the menorah, sacrificial altar and Ark of the Covenant for centuries, until Solomon eventually builds the... read more

No Comfort At The Edge of the Sea

In the movie “The Princess Bride”,  the heroine Buttercup negotiates what she believes is safety for her lover before being taken off as a prisoner. As she rides away, he looks at his captors (who have no intention of honoring the bargain) with a calm that contradicts his situation and says “We are men of action, lies do not become us”. Whereupon they knock him senseless and drag... read more

d'var Torah: Chayei Sarah

(You are going to have to use your imagination as you read this one. Imagine my daughter, who’s been gifted with a set of pipes like a nightingale, assisting me by singing the “Rent” lyrics at the end of this d’var Torah. Not me croaking through the goofy Fame and Beatles lyrics.) ********************* For those people who were so enthralled with the Torah reading that they might... read more

I'd like the record to reflect…

Author Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat, Pray, Love”) gave a speech about nurturing creativity at the 2009 TED conference. I strongly recommend it to anyone who has 19 minutes to spare: She discusses the ways she addresses her concerns about her own creative process, and new ways to frame the relationship between the artist and their art. What she is getting at is... read more

D'var Ekev 2008

Out of curiosity, do you know anyone who has eaten a whole pot roast in one sitting? So here’s the short story that explains why I ask: My Mom and Dad get married. Mom makes a pot roast. Dad eats the whole thing in one sitting. How did this happen? My Dad was the baby in a family of 3 strapping boys (4 if you count grandpa) living in an apartment on Sheridan Avenue in the Bronx in the 40’s and... read more

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