In Support of Retelling the Story

Here in our cozy homes, secure in the womb of technology and modernity, surrounded by such effortless wealth and comfort that would dazzle King Solomon himself, it becomes difficult for many of us to justify retelling a story of a time so challenging, miserable and incomprehensible as the Exodus from Egypt (or the Shoah, or any extended period of communal strife).

“Life is hard enough” we tell ourselves, fretting over our mortgage or workload or competing priorities. “Why get mired in the problems of the past? Can’t we just move on from all that? Do we have to let some long-ago event define us again and again?”

No, not exactly.

But a string of comments yesterday brought into sharp contrast why retelling our (sometimes horrific) stories is still important.

Apparently, even with our modern minds, with our elevated levels of learning, our access to vast stores of information, many still didn’t realize that the sinking of the Titanic was real. A great many people thought it was just a movie.

Don’t believe me? Check it out (thanks to Keith Andrew):

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