A Quick Note about 2011 Notes

I want to do a post that reflects on this blog over the year. I also want to do a “top 12 of 2012” post to look ahead. I even have some of those posts semi-written. But I also have a problem: I’m not reading those posts from anyone else’s blog either. I like the idea, but I’m just not getting engaged by them, even enough to read the ones from the blogs I read. So here’s... read more

Will Not Sit Idly By

In general, this is a pretty light blog. I talk about food, about the Torah portion, and about some of my experiences in that big adventure called “Jewish Life”. I make every effort to keep the blog accessible to as many individuals as possible with regard to observance, gender and politics. But there are moments when current events are so tumultuous that not commenting would be a crime... read more

Shabbat Vayigash (Gen. 44:18-47:27)

In the portion this week, Joseph executes the plan to save both Egypt and the Jewish people. During the years of famine, people buy grain out of the stores into which they contributed until they have no more money. Then Joseph allows them to “buy” the grain by giving their land back to Pharaoh. By the end of the famine, all the land (except that owned by the Egyptian priests) is owned by... read more

VIDEO: Chanukah Hip-Hop Graphic Novel

Another tasty video the keep the fire of Chanukah joy burning in your eyes and your... read more

Dear Google: I Expected Better

In addition to being the de-facto search engine, Google clearly enjoys being clever and giving visitors a little extra when they visit. One way they do this is the “Google Doodle” that changes almost every day, reflecting various holidays, events and happenings. In many cases, the Google Doodle is different depending on the country where you are located when you are performing your search.... read more

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