BlogElul: Post Season

Today my first attempt to Blog the month of elul officially ends. I think it was pretty successful – not only did I get out a post almost every day but I think I posted ideas and thoughts that were qualitatively meaningful. More importantly, I think my posts were helpful to the team of bloggers who were all actively participating. I wasn’t riding on their coat-tails, I believe I was a... read more

VIDEO: Fountainheads Rosh Hashana

A nice little feel-good video to start off the New... read more

(REPOST) Interview Season

(edited slightly from the original, which was posted on the Edible Torah here) In 2007, Rabbi Label Lam made a comment  on that the Days of Awe are NOT – contrary to popular belief – about looking back or thinking about our actions over the past year, in order to make amends and repent. Rabbi Lam points out that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur focus on looking ahead to the coming year... read more

Shabbat Ha’Azinu (Deut. 32:1 – 32:52)

In the portion this week, Moses teaches the song (or poem, depending on how you interpret it) to the Israelites, the one that describes what is going to happen to them (entering the land, turning away from God, getting clobbered with curses, returning to God generations later). This song is intended to be a lifeline to that future generation, the instruction that will tell them – when they are ready... read more

I Am Here, and I am Not Worthy

Even after a few years through the yearly cycle of liturgy, “traditional” prayer services are still very new to me. Even so, I’ve already found a few of my favorite moments – things I look forward to hearing and savor as they pass. If you are in the right state of mind, the Days of Awe present a lot of those moments. For me, one is the prayer “Hineini” (“Here I... read more

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