Shabbat Devarim (Deuteronomy 1:1 – 3:22)

We’re standing on the high hilltop of July, and from our lofty vantage point we can see September. The Three Weeks are pushing us forward, down the slope toward the sadness of Tisha B’av, the momentary diversion of Tu B’Av, the thoughtfulness and preparation during the month of Elul, and finally arriving at the majesty of the Days of Awe. We are standing on a cusp. The end of a... read more

Double Portion: Challah Massei

Once again Sharon Rosenzweig, half of the brilliantly creative team that brings us The Comic Torah has shared her amazing (pre-baking) challah creation. Feast your eyes on Challah Massei (subtitle “Last Tango in Sinai: YHWH and Moses remember the good old days in the wilderness… before she kills... read more

Of Prayers and Potholders

Most weekday mornings I hang out with a great bunch of guys. They are down to earth, come-as-you-are, non-judgemental and yet also passionate about and committed to their Judaism. They appreciate differences. They accept people for where they are in the Jewish spectrum. They also pray like a heavy machinery auctioneer hopped up on a combination of Jolt Cola and 4 shots of triple-espresso. By contrast (at... read more

Shabbat Masei (Numbers 33:1 – 36:13)

It’s the end of the book of Numbers, . Rather than focus on the specifics of this portion, we thought we would try to recap the entire experience of Bamidbar in the meal this week. So, limited only by the category of food assigned and your bountiful creativity, please bring a dish based on the character which matches the assignment (or perhaps bring a dish as it might have been prepared BY that... read more

Challah Double-portion: Matot

In each week’s food assignment (such as the one for Matot) I also include a picture of a Challah from Julie Seltzer. However, Sharon Rosenzweig, half of the brilliantly creative team that brings us The Comic Torah, is an accomplished baker/artist herself. And she has generously permitted me to post snapshots of her weekly creations as well. Feast your eyes on Challah Matot (aka “Kill all the... read more

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