Shabbat Sh'lach (Numbers 13:1 – 15:41)

This is the portion where the 12 scouts go to scope out the new Israelite digs (Canaan) – and wind up with a huge inferiority complex. 10 of the scouts despair that they (the Israelites) could never succeed in conquering the Canaanites – people as big as giants they say – and start whining (again) about how much better it was back in Egypt. 2 of the spies (Joshua and Kaleb) keep the... read more

Shabbat Beha'alotcha (Numbers 8:1 – 12:16)

So many interesting ideas clamor for attention this week: silver trumpets and the logistics of getting any number of Israelites moving on time; Moses getting fed up with the non-stop whining, and as a solution appointing 70 elders to over see things (how helpful do you think 70 old Jewish men were, exactly?). Then some of the elders start prophesizing, and pimply-faced Joshua gets his knickers in a twist... read more

Shabbat Nasso (Numbers 4:21 – 7:89)

Welcome to Parashat Naso! Come right in and watch your step. On the right side of the Torah you’ll notice the longest single parshat. That’s right folks, 176 verses of wilderness fun! Moving ahead to our first stop, there is the ever popular census taking. This time the Levite tribes are counted, divvied up, and counted again! Now did everyone remember to wash their hands? It’s important... read more

Shabbat Bamidbar (Numbers 1:1 – 4:20)

Shabbat Bamidbar (Numbers 1:1 – 4:20) Chazak, chazak… we have left Leviticus behind us and begin the rebellious tale of the Israelites as they travel (lost, perhaps) bamidbar  – in, through and from the wilderness. In Bamidbar – the portion, not the book – we are told how to make holiness portable. We double wrap it – first in cloth, then in leather. The cloth – Torah uses the word... read more

If a Jew Prays in the Airport…

…and nobody makes a fuss, God still hears the prayer. You may remember my friend who was so inspired by seeing another person davening at the airport, that he (and I) got our own set of tefillin. If not, you can read the original blog post here. He’s been busy – both in his “regular” work life, traveling and doing what he does; and spiritually, slowly taking on the mitzvah of... read more

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