Turn it and Turn it

Just about a year ago, I had this bright idea that I would take all those years (more than 6 at the time) of weekly Friday-night invitations and start to share them with the world. I had bounced the idea around for at least 3 years prior. I had half-started pulling the information together into a book. Or a guide. Or a newspaper column. Nothing really came together, and I was becoming impatient that... read more

Shabbat Emor (Leviticus 21:1–24:23)

In parsha Emor we continue with the “holiness code” that was started last week in Kiddushim. The quality of sacrifices which can be brought is specified – it should be pure and without blemish. So far so good. Things go south when we discover that  WE should be without blemish or defect also, especially when it comes to approaching the bema. People with physical deformity are not allowed... read more

Brussels 2001

(NOTE: I am on the road again, traveling for the next few weeks for a new short-term contract. This round of travel got me thinking about things I have seen in past trips) I set out tonight to find some of the Jewish landmarks in Brussels. I had a page torn from The Jewish Traveler (Chapter “Brussels”, page 90 to be exact). I was relatively familiar with the location of my main goal –... read more

13 Things (Yom Ha'atzmaut)

This year bloggers like Ima on (and off) the Bima, Rabbi Paul Kipnes, and JaneTheWriter celebrated Yom Ha’atzma’ut by listing out “13 things” they loved about Israel. At 43, I’ve still never been there. I hope to get there someday. For now, it’s more important to my wife and I that we make sure our kids get there while they are young. And don’t start with the... read more

Levitical Levity

(Tip of the kippah to The Rebbetzin for passing this along to me) I make it no secret that Leviticus is my least favorite book of Torah (which, I should point out, is like saying “strawberry is my least favorite flavor of ice cream” or “Miami is my least favorite place to take a vacation”. It’s still pretty darn good.). That having been said, I thought the post below was... read more

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