Fear of Failure

“If you are so afraid to fail that you live as cautiously as you can, you fail by default.” – JK Rowling “Your most vivid fears are almost certainly not the most important ones. We pay attention to the loud and the urgent. This can lead us to ignore the important and achievable paths open to us–because we’re so busy defending against the overwhelmingly dangerous (but... read more

What do you mean that's not what we're reading?!?

Chol HaMoed means “The Non-Holy Appointed Time”. Chol (“Non-Holy”) is opposite from “Kodesh” (“Holy”); and Ha-Moed simply means “the appointed time”. When a holiday lasts longer than a day or two (like Sukkot or Pesach), the days at the beginning and end are usually “chags” (no work, have a big hoopdie-doo, etc) and the days in the... read more

Shabbat Passover (Exodus 33:12 – 34:26 & Numbers 28:19 – 28:25)

The following mini-summary is taken from The Edible Torah’s “Condensed Guide to the Weekly Torah Readings” (Exodus) Moses asks to see G-d. The second set of Tablets of Law are created. Various commandments for festivals, sacrifices and “first fruits” are discussed. (Numbers) Details of Passover observance in the land of Israel are... read more

No End to the Matter

“We need not be concerned that a weasel may have dragged [chametz] from house to house, or from place to place. For if so, [then let us be concerned] from courtyard to courtyard, and from town to town. There is [then] no end to the matter” (Mishnah Pesachim, Ch 1, Mishnah 2) I’m not really one to quote Talmud, but you just gotta love a book that has a bunch of Rabbis discussing weasels... read more

Kid-niyot vs Kitniyot

Frume Sarah posted an item today, where she wrestles with the dilemma of making Passover palatable for her son “Beernut”, when his needs make Passover observance challenging, if not downright detrimental. Like any real problem, there are details and complexities to consider. Beernut’s life is not truly in danger. Neither is Frume Sarah considering actually breaking Passover. I strongly... read more

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