Shabbat Vayechi (Gen. 47:28-50:26) The portion this week contains the closing verses for the book of Genesis/Bereshit. Jacob and his clan settle in Egypt and live there for 17 years, until Jacob feels that he is about to die. He calls all his children to him to give his final thoughts on them, their families and the future of the great nation he has started. Along the way,... read more

Running the Numbers

It is hard to imagine that I only started this project with my first post back in May. 96 entries later I think I’m starting to get a sense of what this community is all about. We have over 200 people actively participating in our community through our weekly emails, following messages on Twitter, or being part of the fan base on Facebook. We’ve had about 3,000 visits since our start, and are... read more

Shopping-nuts Boasting by an Open FireSale

Over at HomeShuling, they’ve posted a contest to list out ways you use Christmas items (purchased on sale after Christmas, naturally) for various Jewish holidays. Click on over to participate in the contest, but also comment below so the EdibleTorah crowd can get some good ideas too! Here were the ideas we came up with at EdibleTorah HQ: pinecones as a different smell in our Havdallah spice box... read more

Bentch in the Box

One of the teens from my synagogue posted this recently on Facebook” “Today, I built a fort out of cardboard boxes in my friend’s driveway. We made motzi and benched in that box, and it was perhaps my favorite benching experience of my entire life. I highly recommend it.” And a response from someone else who was there: “Best. Shabbos. Ever.” You know what? I believe... read more

Shabbat Vayigash (Gen. 44:18-47:27) In the portion this week, Joseph executes the plan to save both Egypt and the Jewish people. During the years of famine, people buy grain out of the stores into which they contributed until they have no more money. Then Joseph allows them to “buy” the grain by giving their land back to Pharaoh. By the end of the famine, all... read more

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