Shabbat Sukkot (Lev. 22:26-23:44 & Num. 29:12-29:16)

Sukkot is upon us, so break out the backpacks, picnic tables and (if you are in the northern midwest like me) the rain gear, so that you can fulfill the commandment to “Lashev ba-sukkah” – literally “to BE in the sukkah”.

The rules about what a sukkah is and isn’t are many, varied and (somewhat) interesting. They include:

  • It must be large enough to contain a man’s head, most of his body, and his table (Talmud, Sukkah 2:7).
  • The walls may be made of any material, but must be sturdy enough to withstand an ordinary wind (Code of Jewish Law, Orach Chayim 630: 10).
  • While there are a variety of opinions about the roofing (imagine!) the basic guideline is it needs to be detached products of the soil which are subject to “defilement” (as defined in Torah) and are not tied together (Code of Jewish Law, Condensed Version, Chapter 134).
  • There should be enough roofing so that there is more shade than sun. (Code of Jewish Law, Condensed Version, Chapter 134).
  • It can’t be put up underneath another tree (Code of Jewish Law, Condensed Version, Chapter 134).

SO… limited only by your creativity and the category of food assigned, please bring a food which is itself like a sukkah in some way.

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