Shabbat Va'etchanan – 08/01/2009 Somehow in the distraction of July and early August, Numbers ended and Deuteronomy started and here we are getting a firm talking-to from Mr.-Best-Friends-With-God himself, Moses. In this portion the Israelites endure this tongue lashing along with snippets of VERY familiar phrases – things like “Shema Yisrael”, and... read more

It didn't seem like a hard question

The class was filled with 4th graders. 10 and 11 year olds who were ready to take on the world. Who didn’t yet have all the answers (that wouldn’t come until they were teenagers) but who were willing to tackle any question thrown at them – as long as the effort didn’t require a ton of reading and included snacks and a chance to move around. Luckily, I was their teacher and I had... read more

Shabbat Across America

Shabbat Across America/Canada is a program dedicated to helping people connect with others to create a meaningful Shabbat experience. While the next SAA is scheduled for March 5, 2010 there is also an ongoing virtual community at Shabbat Across America 2.0. In fact, I’ve started a “Virtual Table” for the Edible Torah community, which you can look at (and even join) by clicking here.... read more

Shabbat Devarim – 07-25-2009 We’re standing on the high hilltop of July, and from our lofty vantage point we can see September. The Three Weeks are pushing us forward, down the slope toward the sadness of Tisha B’av, the momentary diversion of Tu B’Av, the thoughtfulness and preparation during the month of Elul, and finally arriving at the majesty... read more

Shabbat Matot-Masei – 07/18/2009 It’s the end of the book of Numbers, . Rather than focus on the specifics of this portion, we thought we would try to recap the entire experience of Bamidbar in this weeks’ meal. So , limited by the category of food and your bountiful creativity, please bring a... read more

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