Training wheels

No really, this post is about training wheels and learning to ride a bike, inspired by events that happened recently: Before I start, you have to know about my kids. I have four of them, and (through a twist of fate and a bout of OCD) they are named in alphabetical order: Heather, Isabelle, Joram and Kaleb Heather and Joram had normal training wheel experiences. They rode with them, got to the point where... read more

Shabbat Chukat-Balak – 07/04/2009 Let’s do the time warp again… The story of Moses (back in Exodus/Shemot) begins off with a massive leap ahead in time – from the end of the Jacob saga to the time when the Pharaoh “did not know Joseph”. Now, as we near the end of Moses’... read more

Jewish Mommy Meme at HomeShuler

I just discovered (and want to share) the blog HomeShuler ( Recently, Amy posted her “Jewish Mommy Meme” here: I recommend you hop over, add your own comments and enjoy. Here’s my responses: 1. Challah – home baked or bought? Home baked, but the dough is done in a bread machine first.... read more

Shabbat Korach – 6/27/2009 Good old Korach. Such a joker. The Israelites have screwed up bigtime – they lost faith at the border of Canaan and have been doomed to wander until the entire generation of slaves has died out. Not only that, but some folks thought they could push the issue, and tried to take Canaan by force (and without Moses or God on their side.... read more

Food ideas for Shlach Lecha

Off the top of my head because I’m bored: Stuffed grapeleaves Wine infused … (whatever) Grape Jell-o (made in big round molds, of course!) Grape salad Grape smoothie Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches And you can always take a couple of watermelons and paint them like grapes, just for... read more

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